Why Choose a Photo Booth For Your Wedding?

Why Choose a Wedding Photo Booth?

When it comes to preparing for your wedding there are a countless number of ideas which need to be discussed. One form of wedding entertainment is fast gaining traction and becoming extremely popular amongst guests and couples alike. Want to know what this fab new for of wedding entertainment is? The open photo booth. Open photo booths are an incredible way to entertain large groups of people, with up to 20 guests fitting in each image they are sure to be a hit at your wedding. The truth is however that photo booths are not only used during weddings, the are also a great form of entertainment for any event which involves large groups of guests. Such events that spring to mind include birthday parties, corporate Christmas parties, brand activations or anything you can think of where you want a fun entertainment experience.The good thing about photo booths is that guests have a hard copy of their photos in the form of prints, it means they can walk away from your event with a momento. Have a look at this article  to learn more information about wedding photo booths.

The fact is that wedding photo booths are not just a great form of entertainment, but a quality booth will capture images which can be added to your wedding album. It is certainly a great move to hire a professional wedding photographer howeer they can be extremely expensive. One money saving option to consider is to hire a professional photographer to shoot your wedding ceremony and then a photo booth for your reception. That way you get the best of both worlds, professional photos of your ceremony and fun shots of al your guests. We highly recommend choosing an open photo booth over a traditional closed one. You can learn more about open air photo booth rental here - What are open air photo booths? .

Quality photo booth companies tend to book out quite far in advance so we suggest getting in early so you can secure the date and have your first choice in operators. This is just something to keep in mind. Many coupes book their wedding photographers early in the organisational process and it a great time to book a photo booth too.

Keep in mind when planning your room layout that a photo booth will require a certain amount of space, typically 3x3 metres. It’s best to choose an area which is somewhat secluded so that the booth doesn’t get in the way of guests as they move about your wedding. This is not only important for the safety and comfort of your wedding guests but also for the safety of the photo booth equipment. If you set aside an area this will help ensure everydy has a great time and the photo booth runs smoothly, after all, we don’t want any mishaps now do we?! 

If you think open air photo booth hire may be for you but you would like to learn a little more about photo booths have a look at this link from the Huffington Post.   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/wedding-photo-booth/ .